The Heart of the Matter

The Heart of the MatterI was about to undergo an ultrasound of my heart, a procedure that had been recommended by my Cardiologist. The Nurse explained that this device had the ability to show areas of my heart where there was a clogging of the arteries and the flow of blood was being restricted.

I lay on the table hearing the thumping of my heart as I watched this wand pick up and display my inner physical traits.  I now pondered, “What if this machine could not only pick up hidden abnormalities in my physical heart but also the ones I had hidden in my emotions?  The anger, I had concealed from the day before, or my impatience with this very test?

We are cautioned through popular magazines and blogs to not give an entrance to the agitators and stressors of everyday life. No doubt you have put into practice many of these formulas: Five steps to a healthy heart, or 7 ways to forgive.

Even I myself have attempted to correct my stressors with the 10 ways to right thinking. Finally, I find myself succumbing to the fact that it is indeed healthy stress when I maintain a distance from the ones causing this agitation. Healthy not just for me but, for the both of us!

The heart of the matter is that our perceptions of any given situation will arouse feelings of stress and emotional upheaval, or joy and happiness. Was your performance appraisal really that bad? Did it come with a pink do not return to work tomorrow slip? Or, here is how you can do better? Did he say, “I’ll talk with you later?” or “I’ll call you tomorrow?” The two are diametrically opposed. Are you tumultuous pounds away from your long term weight goal or did you actually surpass your short term weight loss goal?

Many times we hear what we want to hear and believe what we want to believe, regardless of the truth.

Rather than allowing our hopes lead us down the same path of discouragement and heart break, try changing what you have been hoping for. Let me suggest one step, it is from the popular lyricist, Michael Jackson, “Look at the man in the mirror. And change your ways.”

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