Corporate Diversity Training Program

Our diversity training program has a three prong approach that includes:

1) Changing our approach of diversity training by focusing more on the communication component both internally and externally.

2) Believing that a diversity training program must be connected to the company’s competencies (that is, what is necessary to make the company more productive and more effective).

3) Customizing our program based upon an assessment of your company (that is, we must have senior and middle management involvement when creating the training so that it is not viewed as a “check the box” activity).

Additionally, our focus is to provide you with a program that is:

  • integrated with the company’s education and training systems
  • combined with other diversity initiatives within the company
  • delivered to all employees (including top-level managers)
  • planned to include an accountability component

We also provide ongoing evaluations which are critical to the success of any diversity initiative.

For more information you can email me at or call me at 713 397-1221.